Help Your Car Last as Long as Possible

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With proper care, a car can get you where you need to go for decades. However, neglecting your car could result in a breakdown in just a few years. Don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to Car Tunes & More when you need a tuneup. Our auto repair shop in New Bedford, MA can help with everything from an oil change service to a car battery replacement. We'll check your vehicle for potential problems and replace worn-out parts, from the brakes and tires to the filters and spark plugs.

Keep your car in tiptop shape by visiting Car Tunes & More for maintenance services.

How often does your car need maintenance?

How often does your car need maintenance?

Different parts of a car wear out at different times. If it's been a while since you've replaced any of the parts in your car, consider maintenance services. We recommend...

  • Scheduling an oil change service every 3,000 miles or every three months
  • Replacing the air filter, fuel filter and power steering fluid every 25,000-30,000 miles
  • Arranging for a car battery replacement every 35,000 miles
If your vehicle has even more mileage and you've never updated any of its parts, let our mechanic check the brake pads and fluid, radiator hoses, coolant and timing belt. By swapping old parts for new ones, you can help avoid major issues that might cause your car to break down suddenly.

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