Make Your Car Comfortable Before You Get In

Get a remote car starter installation in New Bedford, MA

With over 30 years of experience, trust the experts at Car Tunes & More to install a remote start system in your vehicle. Car Tunes & More installs remote starters for new and used cars in New Bedford, MA. We'll help you take advantage of features like...

  • Long-range remotes so you can lock your doors or start your car even when it's out of sight
  • Increased functionality like lowering windows to help cool off your car in summer
  • Smart phone connectivity so you can control your car through a mobile device and get alerts when it moves
Schedule a remote car starter installation when you contact us today.

Is your car starter broken?

Is your car starter broken?

Like any other piece of equipment, remote car starters can break. If your fob doesn't start your car anymore, call Car Tunes & More. We offer remote car starter repair services and can fix your starter for you.

We'll identify the problem and prove the appropriate repair. If your remote starter is past the point of repairs, we can replace it to keep your car working properly. Call us at 774-202-2847 for remote car starter repairs.