Enjoy Crisp, Clear Sound In Your Car

Enjoy Crisp, Clear Sound In Your Car

Get car stereo installation services in New Bedford, MA

It's tough to enjoy cruising through town when your tunes sound choppy and distorted. If it's time to upgrade your sound system, visit Car Tunes & More. We provide car stereo installation services at our shop in New Bedford, MA.

We work with all sound system brands and can install equipment like...

  • Stereos with features like GPS, Bluetooth or smart phone connectivity
  • Speakers that will fit your car and deliver crisp, beautiful sound
  • Subwoofers that will deliver the deep, satisfying bass you crave
If you have a custom design in mind, we'll work with you to make sure your car has the sound quality you expect. Contact us today to set up a car stereo installation.

Did your stereo blow a fuse?

One of the most common reasons for a broken stereo is a blown fuse. If your stereo stops working, bring your car to Car Tunes & More. We offer car stereo repair services and can fix everything from blown fuses to damaged equipment. From speaker boxes and subwoofers to the stereo itself, we'll make sure your entire sound system is working properly so you can get back to enjoying your favorite tunes.

Make an appointment for car stereo repair services by contacting us at 774-202-2847.